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A Real CEDAR Log Sided Home without the High Cost of Full Log

Cedar sidingOur 1/4 and 1/2 log hand hewn siding offers a superior option over modern, petroleum based siding products.

Since colonial times we have used what nature has provided to produce warm yet rustic homes. We manage our own forest, making sure while we are harvesting we leave behind a renewable and sustainable timber land for the next generation to enjoy.

With an R-Value of 1.33, our log siding offers more than double the energy efficiency of non-insulated vinyl siding. Your log home will be more cozy and charming, while being more energy efficient. Click on the button below to request more information, or you may email or call us at your convenience. Let us put our experience to work to make the dream of owning a log home come true for you.


CEDAR - You’ll get the best value for your money with cedar log siding!

Cedar Paneling adds a touch of warmth and naturalinsulation to any room in your home. Good in summer or winter! You’ll get the best value for your money with cedar log siding!

Cedar paneling and cedar log siding for your home is built to last. Cockburn Island Forest Products uses the best lumber to ensure our customers durable hardwoods with few knots and discoloration. Cockburn Island Forest Products cedar paneling lasts a lifetime, which can turn a house into a warm, vibrant home. Update your home with our sleek, modern looks, or choose to go with some of our timeless cedar log siding options for a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Consider going for the classic architecture of total cedar paneling, or simply add a feature piece to the room. We are able to do a custom accent wall with our cedar log siding, or a custom ceiling with our cedar paneling. The richness and durability of cedar will enhance your home wherever you use it.
Refinish any storage closet with cedar. Cedar closets are the classic method to protecting clothing and are found in many old homes. They can add value to a home with their pleasant aroma and quality craftsmanship. The vintage look and feel of a cedar closet is something you will enjoy, while it protects your clothes and valuables from insects.

Whatever home improvement project you have, cedar paneling from Cockburn Island Forest Products will give you the best quality at the best price. We are proud to be the home of the finest cedar paneling and cedar log siding anywhere!

The Pros of Cedar Siding

One of the advantages of cedar siding is that it is a great way to insulate your home against the forces of the elements, no matter what climate you live in. The pro here is that cedar protects your home against thermal heat loss. Another advantage of cedar siding is that cedar is naturally resistant to decay and is resistance to termites and other insects. An additional benefit of cedar siding is that cedar provides an attractive material to use on the exterior of any building. The pro here is that cedar can be used on a number of architectural styles, ranging from traditional to modern.

Cedar siding has a number of functional advantages and features. One of cedars biggest advantages is that cedar is both stable and firm, meaning it will outlast many other types of wood siding. Another benefit is that cedar can give your home a rustic appearance, which many homeowners find desirable.

A huge benefit to cedar siding is that cedar is 50% less likely to warp, swell or become misshapen because of water or moisture penetration. Because of its stability, cedar siding is easy to work with, especially if you are considering doing the job yourself. The ease with which it can be cut, glued and finished is one of cedar siding’s major pros. An environmental plus for cedar siding is that cedar trees grow quickly. Another positive for cedar siding is that cedar is a sustainable material that carries a low environmental impact.


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It is more important than ever to get the greatest value for dollars spent on your cedar siding. And, the greatest value comes from high quality, along with the best features cedar brings you, and at a fair competitive price... that is what CIFP does.

When it comes to cedar log siding we at CIFP think we have come up with just that combination.  See the example that follows and test us yourself.

SAVE $2,185.00 Over the Competition
Even at the Same LF Price

Compare the Price Difference on 3,400 Sq Ft/ 3 x 8 Log Siding

CIFP Industry Standard
 7 ¼” Profile = 5,627 LF @ $3.29 LF = $18,512.00  7” Profile = 5,814 LF @$3.56= $20,697.00

The Greatest Value to You:

  • Save 15% over Industry standards.
  • Get 10% more log and 5% more coverage with CIFP’s profile.
  • Cockburn Island with its mineral rich lime based soils produces the highest quality white cedar possible.

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CIFP Testimonials- Being in the contracting business for 30 years you can tell a good product when you see it. You do get in life what you pay for. We got just that. A great product, a great look, and tremendous service, for a very fair price. Thanks  again for all your help with making our dreams come true.

your friend, Jeff Inglee
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