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WHY - CI Forest Products

At "CI Forest Products", our Northern White Cedar is not just milled direct … it comes directly from our own high producing timberland on Cockburn Island.

The Island offers mineral-rich lime-based soils that contribute to giving you the highest quality timber products of Northern White Cedar and other wood species harvested with best forestry practices from the Cockburn Island.  


CI Forest Products harvests this premium quality timber making it available to you at the best possible price. See on this site how we stack up against our competition. We know you will find no other Northern White Cedar products on the planet that can compete with us. We are confident you will see how our products will add value and warmth to your home.

The Answer Comes Naturally!



EFFICIENCY, While Working Hard




Our CI Forest Products - Northern White Cedar is a sustainable material that carries a low environmental impact.

How To Get An Insulated Cedar Log Home Without The High Cost Of Full Log

CIFP is in a unique position in that we own the timberland, harvest our own cedar and other species, inventory our own products, and supply it directly to you handling logistics of and distribution by shipping it directly to you, our customer, and your preferred destination including directly to the job sites. 


The cedar you are considering is not just “forest direct.” The cedar you will be buying from CI Forest Products comes from our own high producing timberland with its mineral-rich lime based soils assuring you get the highest quality cedar in all of North America and around the globe.


• As the GROWER, we control the quality starting from our own timberland, or as we say "in the bush". Nothing but #1 Grade Premium Quality Logs are accepted for production. This also gives us the ability to select cut for custom orders too.

• We INVENTORY our own products enabling us to keep up with the supply and demands of our entire customer base. 

• Count on us as the SUPPLIER to be dependable and trustworthy to do what we say to deliver the forest products goods. 

• You
SAVE dollars with CI Forest Products because we set prices that are fair and reasonable to assure that you get the best value for your purchase. 

• Our goal is
 meeting your expectations we are confident you will be happy with the quality of our Northern White Cedar and other wood products as well as the products and services we provide to homeowners, contractors, architects, and design/build companies. 


We have a call to action to have you as our long term customer! If you are looking for “Fair Priced Premium Northern White Cedar and other wood products”, then CI Forest Products’ question to you is: Why not give us a try and see for yourself what we can do to make your next project a success?


The CIFP Team looks forward to the opportunity of serving you.

Why Buy Our BIG FAT Log Siding?

The Answer is one word... EFFICIENCY! 


Here are some of the amazing FACTS About NORTHERN WHITE CEDAR


• Northern White Cedar Is Known For Its Excellent Insulating Quality

• Northern White Cedar Is The Most Decay Resistant Wood

• Northern White Cedar Performs Well Even In The Harshest Climates

• Northern White Cedar Requires Little Or No Maintenance



Benefits Of CI Forest Products Cedar Log Profiles


You Get The Best Use Of Modern Technology And Yet Maintain The Warmth And Coziness Of Cedar Log Homes Of Yesteryear... Benefits


• Save time & labor

• No electrical wiring issues using the traditional frame and Cedar Log Profiles

• No settling issues

• Very low maintenance 

"Almost Zero Product Waste" with our Tongue & Grove / End Matched cedar log and

   paneling profiles

• Higher R-Value (combined with normal insulation) over a full log structure

• No sealing or caulking needed

• More options & flexibility with interior design…  Just to name just a few!

Our Cedar Log Siding Stacks Up Against Our Competitors

See our Savings Page For more Details

CIFP Log Profile 2
CIFP Log Siding Profile 1
CIFP Tongue & Groove Paneling Profiles
CI Forest Products Stacks up against copetition
"Our Niche, Your Savings, a Partnership Together, and Everyone Wins" for your next construction Project!
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