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At CI Forest Products we understand it is more important than ever to get the greatest value for dollars spent on your cedar siding and other forest products. The greatest value comes from high-quality wood products, along with the best features cedar brings you, at a fair competitive price for residential and other building projects.


Growers of our own timber


CI Forest Products has been supplying cedar products for log siding, paneling, the railing of natural wood products of Northern White Cedar, White Pine and Tamarack with worldwide distribution since 1999 from our own timberland on Cockburn Island using the best forestry practices sustainable for the environment.


Inventory of all our own product(s)


CI Forest Products inventory is our own premium cedar log siding, paneling, railing and other building materials of Northern White Cedar and other species. Our products are readily available for ordering including custom orders for the highest quality materials at a reasonable cost for that unique or next building project.


Suppliers for homeowners and contractors


CI Forest Products has been supplying cedar log siding, paneling, railing and other log siding components worldwide since 1999 and has been educating our customers about cedar benefits. Studies tell us that Cedar is the best thermal insulator among the commonly available softwoods. And, when you buy from CIFP, you are not just buying directly from the forest, you are buying our cedar log siding, and other components at the highest quality direct from our in-stock inventories keeping you supplied and keeping up with high consumer supply and demand.  



We're not trying to be the biggest, but we can't help it if it happens! ...Our goal is to be the best by meeting every customer expectation and by keeping up with the market demands for bringing you premium Northern White Cedar Products with the best pricing. 

Best Forestry Practices

- CI Forest Products 


At CI Forest Products we also understand and know that our suppliers and growers including Cockburn Island, with its unique mineral-rich and lime-based soils, produce the highest quality finished products possible coming directly from our own high quality and volume producing timberland and the island is our greatest asset.​ Even more important than getting the greatest value for dollars spent on your cedar siding and other forest products are our belief and call to action in protecting our natural resources during the harvesting of our products with the best forestry stewardship practices available in the forestry trade today.


There is no other place on the planet with these ideal growing conditions. Combining them with our best practices of forestry management assures sustainable quality products and considerable volume in production for years to come in harmony with this unique one of a kind growing environment found on Cockburn Island.


The future is bright for CI Forest Products and our customers with sustainable practices for future generations.


We offer cedar log siding, cedar paneling, cedar post and rails, pine log siding, and so much more.
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Our professional staff is ready to assist you with a project quote, large or small we are ready to help you save money without sacrificing quality

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