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CI Forest Products - Quality Pre-Finish

Increase the Life and Value of Your Home With Prefinished Cedar Log Siding and Wood with CI Forest Products

Why Choose To Pre-finish Your Materials

It just makes good sense! Or should I say "cents"? Here's why...

Cost Advantages Include:
  • Cost Advantage: Save up to 50% when compared to site finishing.

  • Quality: Our process meets all warranty requirements. Finishing is done in a controlled environment by hand. The material is stained without being exposed to the weather resulting in superior coating adhesion.

  • Uniform Finish: Finish is applied in our quality controlled environment.  We guarantee consistent finish and 100% coverage.  And since we finish all edges as well as the face in our color lab you need not worry about shrink lines.

  • Immediate Protection: Our material arrives at the job site already sealed and protected from the weather.

  • No Delays: No weather-related or labor delays.



* Make The Call Today and get Prefinished CI Forest Products with CI Forest Products Easy 3 STEP PROCESS:




Delivers right to your job site ready to apply for the do it yourself or have professionally installed. It's simple, One easy step for you: INSTALL IT!

* We can provide proven finishing products like Perma-Chink for exterior projects and our Lifeline Interior products that can be used on all new and existing log homes. We have quality products for those Clients who choose do-it-yourself projects assuring a product that will satisfy the outcome for any project.

Why have the mess and hassles at your location when we can finish for you?  Imagine your cedar arriving ready to install, giving your log home years of durability and beauty.


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