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CI Forest Products for – Interior Prefinishing

The interior finishes available at CI Forest Products are selected and sought after by professionals in the industry that want a defined result when it comes to prefinished products. If you are a do-it-yourselfer we also can ship you finishing products we are certain you will be pleased with. 

Interior Prefinishing Selections



Stain and Sealer for Interior Log Walls and Millwork


Enhance the natural beauty and grain of your interior log walls and ceilings with Lifeline Interior finish. It provides a breathable yet tough film finish that is easily washed, cleaned and dusted. Lifeline reduces the absorption of normal household odors into the wood.

Lifeline Interior is non-flammable and virtually odorless. It will not yellow and lets the natural look and beauty of all types of wood show through for years to come. Lifeline Interior can be used on all new and existing log homes. Application methods and coverage rates are the same as Lifeline Exterior.


Lifeline Interior will be the only finish you’ll ever need to apply inside your home. You may also use Lifeline Interior as a stain and sealer before the application of Acrylic Gloss or Satin.

Clear, #110
Butternut, #154
Light Honey, #112

Why have the mess and hassles at your location when we can finish for you?  Imagine your cedar arriving ready to install, giving your log home years of durability and beauty.

Dark Honey, #122
Light Natural, #120
Dark Natural, #130
Hazelnut, #170
Cinnamon, #174
Walnut, #165
Stone Gray, #163
Gentry Gray, #142

Log and Trim CAULK


As your One Stop Shop at CI Forest Products, we have the caulk you need to match any stain selected. We make sure your set to complete any project with our Log Products, Trim, and finishes with Energy Seal colors that will withstand time.

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